All information about the TRAVEL NETWORK COMMUNITY membership

Network marketing system of the future.

  • Partizipation an den gesamten weltweiten Umsätzen des TRAVELBIZZER Networks
  • Teilnahmemöglichkeit an einem Business Geschäftsmodell 5.0 das Spaß und Freude bereitet,
  • Glück und Freiheit schenkt,
  • bei dem man mit Freunden zusammenarbeitet...anstatt mit Konkurrenten,
  • wo sich Menschen bei ihrer Karriere gegenseitig helfen...anstatt sich im Weg zu stehen,
  • wo Arbeit und Leistung zählen...anstatt Ellbogentechnik und Mobbing,
  • bei dem man für seine Erfolge, Beachtung findet...anstatt Neid und Missgunst erntet


JFC Digital Network Software Solution

The specially developed software guarantees the perfect functionality that a company like Travelbizzer needs. 10 years of development and over 1.4 million euros have been invested in this software.Perfect business, billing and accounting tools work flawlessly. Our servers are located at one of the best technical companies in the world, the company HETZNER, based in Germany. Highest security standards and performance guarantee a perfect workflow.
JFC Digital Network software safely equipped for the future.

Choose your suitable members or business package.

The greater your ambitions and willingness to perform, the stronger your package should be. Become a player in a strong team.

Customer-Package [CP]

Preis: € 149,00

  • Annual fee
  • no further monthly costs
  • Use booking tool and travel offers up to minus 70%.
  • 24/7 Service

Promoter-Package [PP]

Preis: € 199,00

  • Annual fee
  • no further monthly costs
  • Use booking tool and travel offers up to minus 70%.
  • 24/7 Service

Agent-Package [AP1]

Preis: € 365,00

  • Annual fee
  • no further monthly costs
  • Use booking tool and travel offers up to minus 70%.
  • 24/7 Service

Agent-Package [AP2]

Preis: € 999,00

  • Annual fee
  • no further monthly costs
  • Use booking tool and travel offers up to minus 70%.
  • 24/7 Service

Manager-Package [MP1]

Preis: € 2997,00

  • Annual fee
  • no further monthly costs
  • Use booking tool and travel offers up to minus 70%.
  • 24/7 Service

Manager-Package [MP2]

Preis: € 4995,00

  • Annual fee
  • no further monthly costs
  • Use booking tool and travel offers up to minus 70%.
  • 24/7 Service

Overview of all packages

All packages on one page for better comparison.

Use advantages
  • one annual fee
  • no further monthly costs
  • Top travel offers
  • Top business opportunities
  • Global Network
  • Licenses

Mission & Vision

Our vision...

  • to offer an ingenious and simple business opportunity to all people in the world who love to travel. business opportunity,
  • helping them to achieve personal freedom and financial independence
  • support the principles of the United Nations: "Harmony, Peace, Prosperity, justice as well as financial independence",
  • act as an "Ambassador for Peace",
  • to build bridges between nations, and to provide education and international understanding...
  • by 2030...gain 10 million registered members and fulfill their dreams,
  • giving them open the gateway to a new world of travel.

Our mission...

  • help that all people now and in the future, through the financial independence, can always live together peacefully,
  • enable each individual to broaden their horizons and find their personal goal and to live in peace with others,
  • Customers as well as partners of JFC have the task to spread these values.

Our strategy...

  • The respectful treatment of members, employees and teams is part of our corporate culture
  • We live respect, openness, fairness and honesty and treat people without prejudice
  • We accompany our business partners in different phases of their lives and support their personal and professional development

In addition to our core competencies in the context of individual support, we see ourselves as a we see ourselves as mentors and companions for emerging personal or administrative administrative difficulties and problems in the life of each individual.


It's smart to become a TRAVELBIZZER.

All the advantages for you and your success...

  • An immediate start a promoter or travel agent, with no prior experience and years of training in the travel industry
  • Own personalized website with integrated travel booking tools (Travel Account tools, banner ads, newsletters) and WebBackOffice
  • Unlimited income opportunity
  • Access to travel reservation engines (travel booking tools) (over 900 airlines, over 90 Cruise ship companies, over 900,000 hotels & resorts worldwide,
  • over 45 car rental companies, over 800 million special travel and vacation vacation offers) around the clock
  • Participation in a partner - business program (business model 5.0)
  • No rental costs for your own travel agency
  • No salaries to employees
  • No expensive licenses for travel booking tools
  • Make friends and partners all over the world
  • No bank guarantees for IATA ID. and account necessary
  • Fast advancement opportunitiesParticipation in to international travel & lifestyle events
  • personal Support from the JFC / travelbizzer team
  • Continuing education in best quality 
  • Save up to -75% on travel & lifestyle products and services (Special Offers, Exclusive Offers - For Members Only)
  • Discounted admission to various Travel & Business Network events
  • Free participation in educational seminars, webinars and workshops
  • Units received for referrals (as per marketing plan)
  • Units or discounts on own and team sales for referrals or purchases/recommendations from the web-online store (as per marketing plan)
  • Privileges and special offers (Special Offers) for travel and lifestyle
  • Savings/profits on your own booked travel up to 9% and your family up to 9% (cachback) or your partners.
  • Upgrades e.g. on hotels and flights (subject to availability)
  • PEP rates on flights, hotels and ships (subject to availability)
  • Discounts up to -20% when shopping in the online shop
  • Fun and enjoyment while discovering other countries and customs as well as interesting people and new cultures
  • The worldwide travel booking licenses IATA/ARC/CLIA for an "own and independent Home-Business & Travel Online Agency" which is provided by our cooperation partners (Global Travel International/FL.USA, The VISION/VAE.ASA and Schmetterling International GmbH &Co KG/DE.EU)
  • Commissions (25-50%) for recommending travelbizzer service packages to business partners, friends and acquaintances
  • Commissions (3-9%) for all travel arrangements of our cooperation partnersopen also for career changers
  • No rental costs for your own travel agency, no salaries for employees
  • Own web portals with integrated travel booking tools (travel account tools, advertising banners, newsletters etc.)
  • Training opportunities to become a (CVS) Certificate Vacation Specialist through the and its partners
  • Participation in the total worldwide sales of the travelbizzer Travel & Business Network