John Fox


We as JFC Travel are...

  • the first and only – global network marketing 5.0 sales organization in the travel and lifestyle industry.
  • a global network that fulfills the dream of „personal freedom and financial independence“ for millions of people.
  • a Travel Network that connects people through travel and lifestyle.
  • a Travel Club providing exclusive access to the Royal Circle in Travel and Lifestyle.
  • a Travel Academy providing training for tourism professionals as well as career changers and personal development to become an Independent Travel Agent.
  • a Trademark of John Fox Management & Marketing Corporation Limited. Ireland

Through an innovative, specially produced Traveling Business Network 5.0 and a travel agency booking software by John Fox , Founder & CEO and his partners (such as Relationship,- CashBack,- Partner,- & Bonus Program) it acts as a worldwide big player in the travel and network marketing industry, providing privileges and benefits (added value) as well as products and services from the travel and lifestyle industry of our cooperation partners to its registered members.