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Oktober 01, 2021 - March 31 , 2022

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The upheaval in the travel industry

The travel industry is in the midst of an enormous and global upheaval and is moving faster and more strongly than ever before. The classic travel agency will have largely become obsolete and will be replaced by digital travel preparation, organization and booking. You can now become a part of this huge business and earn money with it, whether in the HomeOffice or as a DigitalTravelAgency is entirely up to your ambitions. You can also simply be the traveler and use the fantastic travel offers as a Preferred Costumer. Everything you need is provided by TRAVELBIZZER.TRAVELER or BIZZER, you will get your money's worth in any case.One thing will certainly remain the same: People who love to travel!Few things are as strongly associated with emotion and joy as traveling. You want to "feel" a trip and "experience" it to the fullest. The desire to travel is unbroken even in times of a pandemic, but the rules of travel have changed from the ground up. Now the factor "safety, health & hygiene" plays the main role.

" People love to travel, why shouldn't they make money doing it".

John Fox, Founder & CEO

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What the statistics say and why you should be there.

Tourism worldwide

1.46 billion cross-border travel arrivals were recorded worldwide in 2019. Top country is France with 90.2 million visitors.

Tourism revenue

A staggering 1,450 billion US dollars was earned from tourism in 2018. The most money was spent by tourists from China, the USA and Germany.

Travel world champion

CHINA is the world champion in terms of tourism spending with about 277 billion US dollars.

The Travelbizzer World


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The innovation in the travel business.

We offer a new challenge to all dynamic and active people who have small or big goals.

  • Unique opportunity, without prior knowledge and training in the travel industry,
  • to start and become successfulTraining opportunities if you want to dive deeper into the matter through our academy
  • A business with fun and freedom and excellent income opportunities
  • Working with partners worldwide
  • Working with people who support each other in the careerWork and performance count not elbowing and bullying
  • For successes appropriate attention and awards received
  • Climb the career ladder through your own performance and not the goodwill of others
  • Determine your own income, more performance = more money
  • You are your own boss and show others how it works

Fact check:

  • Immediate start with no previous experience or training in the travel industry.
  • Unlimited income opportunity.
  • own, personalized internet address with integrated travel booking tools (travel account tools, advertising banners, newsletter), WebBackOffice
  • Access to travel reservation engines (over 900 airlines, over 90 cruise ship companies, over 900,000 hotels & resorts worldwide, over 45 car rental companies, over 800 million special travel and vacation deals daily) 24/7.
  • No rental costs for your own travel agency.
  • No salaries to employees.No expensive licenses for travel booking tools.
  • No expensive licenses for travel booking tools.
  • No bank guarantees required.
  • Fast promotion opportunities.
  • Possibility to participate in international travel & network events.
  • Personal support.
  • Best quality training.

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The revolution in the travel industry with the innovative network marketing business model. Become a TRAVELBIZZER now! and seize a great opportunity and profit in many ways.

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